NSA supports German IT industry

The NSA spying affair lowers the trust in U.S. IT companies. Customers especially from the European and Asian market try to avoid products and services provided by U.S. technology companies including Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft. IBM reported a 22 percent revenue decline in China in October and Cisco expects a 8-10 percent drop in this quarter. A study even predicts a loss of $22 to $35 billion for the U.S. cloud industry over the next three years as a result of the NSA’s recently revealed surveillance programs.

At the same time IT companies from Europe (except UK) and above all from Germany see an increased demand for their products and services, especially from Asian countries. There is a real run for IT Security made in Germany.
An economic decrease of its IT industry will put additional pressure on the U.S. government to better constrain and control the surveillance measures of the NSA. So there is hope for privacy.

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